About Me

I grew up in the southern US and produced my first illustration masterpiece at age 4, a morality cartoon featuring my dad falling asleep with a book and a cigar. In middle school I developed a crush on Italy when I saw photos of the Fountain of Trevi, and at about the same time my middle school librarian (who was really innovative) inspired me to illustrate books. My interests shifted to modern art while attending the University of Georgia, but I did sneak in a summer in Italy.

After a few years working in Atlanta as a space planner, I started painting oil portraits, eventually earning Member of Merit status in the Portrait Society of Atlanta. I then spent 14 years NYC, during which I all too frequently dragged my daughter through the Metropolitan Museum.

In 2011 I found myself quite unexpectedly living in Turin, Italy. Looking for a way to continue an art career from a distance, I discovered that my original dream of illustrating children's books was not only a compelling challenge, but digital advances also made it an excellent choice for an international career. By this time I was ready to make use of years of accumulated art skills and cultural experience.

After studying illustration online and building a portfolio, I am now actively looking for representation to illustrate children’s books. I am not looking to take on self-publishing projects at the moment.